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One 8 Seven


Two of the biggest masterminds in this industry have teamed up to make some of the hottest juice on the market!

The Drip Company and Comp Lyfe have collaborated to bring you Murdered Out!

One 8 Seven: Crisp rice cereal and marshmallow squares, lightly drizzled with melted peanut butter!


One 8 Seven Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Pretty good out the bottle but needs steep time

Posted by Bill Shoen on Dec 31st 2017

Needs steep time

Bad description

Posted by Unknown on Oct 8th 2017

When it first arrived I tried it on my Goon. I did not taste any penut butter just marshmallow treat and maybe some caramel. I will just stick with strapped.


Posted by Duane Hall on Oct 25th 2016

This liquid has amazing flavor and is just delicious. I will continue to purchase more of this liquid.


Posted by Carla Ford on Jul 16th 2016