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Fruity Cheesecake E-Liquid (60mL)


The humble cheesecake started simply enough, lightly sweetened cream cheese in a wholesome graham cracker crust - but it didn’t stay that way for long! Enter Drip Co., who instead of a simple cake saw a blank canvas for an incredible flavor opportunity! Fruity Cheesecake takes the tried-and-true cheesecake profile and elevates it to a delicious new level with the addition of sweet fruit cereal! We’re glad that Drip Co. settled on “Fruity Cheesecake” because we probably would’ve just called it “GIVE US MORE”!!! Intrigued? Good! Take the first step down Drip Co.’s brave new flavor pathways by adding a delicious bottle of Fruity Cheesecake to your cart right away!

Fruity Cheesecake E-Liquid (60mL) Reviews

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