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Lucky Devil (60ml)


Ice cold milk with marshmallow cereal. 

Lucky Devil (60ml) Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Something's Off

Posted by Ryan Macias on Jun 10th 2018

This used to be 1 of my favorite flavors but lately it has not been the same as in the beginning. All I taste is cereal the marshmallow taste has pretty much gone away which was a shame this was 1 of my favorites but dropped it from my orders due to this reason.


Posted by chase on Oct 30th 2017

Right now I have a burnt cool because I haven't got my new coils and the flavor still comes through. I can't say it's spot on because with this coil I can't tell completely but it definitely smells just like lucky charms


Posted by Erick on Sep 1st 2017

I started vaping 3 months ago and hands down the taste is there so yummy shipping was fast like 3 days amd my juive was in the mailbox, definitely have a customer for life

Best All Day Cereal

Posted by James on Jul 17th 2017

I love this flavor more than any other cereal I've tried. Does not destroy your cotton so it's great in an rta. I personally love dropping it. It is always on at least one mod.

Magically delicious!

Posted by angel on Jun 10th 2017

If you love lucky charms you won't be disappointed! The flavors were absolutely amazing!


Posted by Matthew gnall on Dec 3rd 2016

If you like cereal vapes and like the charms, this is a must try. It is delicious! Spot on!


Posted by Carla Ford on Jul 16th 2016

Lucky Devil is another one of the best juice flavors I've ever had. Try it, you won't be disappointed!!!