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OG Sticky Bunz (60ml)


Fresh baked sticky buns topped with a delicious orange glaze!

OG Sticky Bunz (60ml) Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Posted by Ryan Macias on Jun 10th 2018

I bought thia when it was first released. It was ok but nothing like sticky bunz & I do like me some sticky bunz.

The best liquid

Posted by James P on Aug 26th 2017

This sticky bunz e-juice is the bomb. I've had the bottle for 3 days, and I've dripped about 2/3 of the juice. I JUST CAN'T STOP.. I will be buying more. Running it on a Smok gx2/4 in a goon rda, flawless flavor and vapors. Well done TDC!!

The proper way a pastry vape should taste

Posted by Michael Wolfe on Jun 27th 2017

I've tried liquids before that were supposed to be a favorite pastry treat and none of them come close to flavor of this juice. Most of them are too doughy or too light on the actually flavor of the product. This one is spot on. Just testing the wick out before the vape had my house smelling like a bakery! You can definitely tell that it's a sticky bun with orange creme glaze. Super delicious. Only complaint is there is a little bit of an aftertaste depending on the wattage you vape at. Gives it a slightly burnt bun taste. Not bad though. I'll definitely be buying again!

Tasted Like it Says

Posted by Lucas on Mar 22nd 2017

So many companies say it taste like something it does not. Be honest I expected to basically be getting another cinnamon roll type flavor. I was shocked and excited when it tasted just like hot from the oven sticky buns. Can't wait to try the next flavor they make and order more of this delicious vape