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Two of the biggest masterminds in this industry have teamed up to make some of the hottest juice on the market!

The Drip Company and Comp Lyfe have collaborated to bring you Murdered Out!

Strapped: Strawberry apple gummy candies with the perfect amount of sweet, and just enough sour! A perfect ADV!

Strapped Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Posted by DeAndre Yancey on Mar 14th 2018

Nice and flavorful!!! Loving it so far!


Posted by Cody Johnston on Dec 5th 2017

Hint of strawberry then you get hit with an amazing sour apple flavor. My new favorite juice hands down. Went through 60 mls in less than 2 days


Posted by Nicole on Nov 29th 2017

Thus juice is AMAZING.. perfect ADV. Perfect apple taste

Amazing juice! Amazing price!

Posted by Unknown on Jun 23rd 2017

You won't regret ordering this juice. The flavor is out of this world. The price is great too.

Another home run

Posted by Ken on Oct 20th 2016

I love this juice, really does taste like candy, I filled my tank and before I knew it the tank was empty, you can taste all the flavors and it's really smooth. Will definitely be buying more.