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Sunberry Smoothie E-Liquid (60mL)


Frequently craving Frappe? Drip Co. has the perfect solution to your delicious dilemma! Sunberry Smoothie is a fruity tropical masterpiece expertly blended by the seasoned flavor aficionados at Drip Co.! Enticingly sweet mango is paired with a magnificent medley of beautiful berries including blueberries, strawberries, and ripe red raspberries; blended into a frappe-inspired profile that raises the bar for sweet and tart flavors. Bright, crisp, and exciting sensations await you with every delicious taste of this fruit-filled masterpiece! Are you ready for the Sunberry Smoothie experience? Are you sure? Ok! Then add a bottle of this luscious liquid from Drip Co. to your cart today!

Sunberry Smoothie E-Liquid (60mL) Reviews

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